Alas Kedaton Temple

Alas Kedaton Temple

Alas Kedaton located about 20 Km north of Tanah Lot temple. This forest is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys that live amicably. There is a temple where one find something unique happens. It is when a ritual ceremony held there, no one is allowed to use any kind of fire offering equipment, such as incense and candle. 

Tens of big bats dwell on the tips of the leaves of big tress attract the visitors who come there. 

Alas Kedaton or "Holy Forest" is a small forrest measuring 12ha where you can see hundreds of monkeys in their natural habitat. 

It's one of the place in Bali where monkeys exist, free and peaceful. There are hundred of monkeys in this forest and high up on the big trees many bats area hanging and singing with their loud voices.

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