Jembrana Regency

While nature is Jembrana's major claim to fame, Jembrana's cultural attractions are no less rich. As elsewhere on Bali, Jembrana's residents keep the ancient Balinese arts, musics and dance alive.

Jembrana also has a special custom found nowhere else on Bali. The Makepung, exhilarating races that pit water buffalows decorated with colorful trappings againts each other and their daredevil jockeys. Held to celebrate the bounty of the harvest, the Makepung are an extraordinary spectacle off skills and traditions. Winners of the races are honored in their communities as representing Balinese values of strength and masculinity. Jembrana is also a home to the Gamelan Jegog, which unlike other gamelan instruments elsewhere on Bali, it uses hugh bamboo xylophones to produce its exotic tones.


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