Celuk Village

Celuk Village

Celuk Village is the center of silver and gold craft in Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali. Located in the Sukawati district of the Gianyer and is an excellent location to stop and see if you are staying in the southeast area or traveling through at any point.

Located at Celuk Village is easily reachable by the By-pass road making traveling to this are convenient as well as satisfying. Famous for it's gold and silver used in jewelry making. 

Celuk Village is a one of the main Balinese craft towns and therefore also has fabulous bustling traditional markets and a real air of Balinese culture. Each of the Celuk's artisans has their own unique style therefore there are various kinds of golden and silver crafts.

Located away form the tourist centers Gianyar is the administrative center of the area and therefore has a center developed in the Indonesian style with no real influence from tourism and is surrounded with unspoilt villages and market areas as well as some of the most pleasant and largest rice Paddies in Bali. 

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