Pelaga Village

Pelaga Village

Pelaga is a hilly village, located about 45 kilometers in the north side of Denpasar. As the most northern village in Badung Regency. Pelaga of­fers an interesting agro tour­ism object with its beautiful and natural ecology.


With the beautiful, comfortable, and the fresh situation of the environ­ment, its wide and multifari­ous holticultural activities, like vegetables, coffees, vanillas, corns, and others, add more the beauty of the panorama of this village.


A sudden cow is often organized by the local community. And even, a very interesting attraction to watch that the local community also often organizes is a bullock contest. The natural beauty of this vil­lage has been known since the previous century to release the tired or weariness and to have a recreation altogether with the family. This is proven with the building of a rest house by the east indiea's govern­ment in this location.


At this moment, the existence of this rest house has been renovated by the government of Badung Regency. Pelaga village also becomes an alternative way from Denpasar to Batur by passing through the tourism object of Sangeh. A beautiful rice field, and a harmonious rural road.


Pelaga rs also very interesting for an activity of hiking a hill with the starting line at the temple of Penataran Puncak Mangu pass­ing through several small tem­ples, nee fields, farms, forests, and finishing at Beratan Lake, Bedugul. Penataran Puncak Mangu Temple is indeed very interesting because it offers a very beautiful and natural panorama of hill and cluster of nee fields.

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